TYPO3 and CMSgarden at WHD.local Munich

October 17, 2014 was the first day I represented TYPO3 at a booth on an expo. Reason was the WorldHostingDays event, which took place Munich (Germany). I was really curios how it will be at a booth together with some guys from other OpenSource CMS.

About WorldHostingDays

The WorldHostingDays are a series of events taking place in different cities around the world. This time they had a stopover in Munich. The CMSgarden had a booth to raise the flag for OpenSource CMS Systems. It was the first time, I met folks from other systems like Drupal, Contao or Joomla in real life. It was a real pleasure for me to meet you there.

The Day

We met a 8.00 a.m. to setup our booth directly at the entrance and to put on our gardeners outfit. The outfit looks quite funny. Visitors, who had contact to the CMS garden on other events, remembered us and came up to say “Hey, nice to see you again!”. Unfortunately I do not have a picture of it, yet. The event started quite slowly and had its peak around noon. Main reason was, that a german worker union announced a strike for the evening. That prevented about 100 visitors to show up and many other left the event early to be at home, when the strike starts.

The Contacts

The booth made it possible to have contact to all kinds of interest: Other OpenSource developers, users of TYPO3 CMS, hosters and developers of commercial CMSs. The feedback I got for our products TYPO3 CMS and TYPO3 NEOS was very positive. Just some quotes here:

TYPO3 Neos

“Hey, this is really cool shit! This is how it has to work in our CMS too!”

“Wow, this is the future of CMS editing”


“This is the current TYPO3 CMS backend?! Looks not that cluttered as 6 years ago! I should test it again.” 

About TYPO3 NEOS one the most asked questions was about the requirements for RAM and CPU usage to deliver a performant website. Another question was about the documentation and developer support for TYPO3 NEOS. Besides pointing to learn-neos.com and to the wiki I have no answer currently.

Other questions were about the migration from TYPO3 CMS to TYPO3 NEOS in the future? Will it be possible? What will be the effort to achieve it?


The CMSgarden is a good initiative to raise the voice for OpenSource CMS on events, where a booth is not affordable for a single CMS. But the events, where CMSgarden or TYPO3 is present, should be selected carefully. Im my opinion there are  the two factors “size” and “audiance” that should be taken into account. An event with 200 visitors ist IMHO too small, in order to get enough valuable contacts. The audiance of the event should be more user oriented, like the Cebit or InternetWorld.

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