Month: February 2017

Guide to TYPO3 Documentation – Part 3: Contribution and ReST Helpers!

Documentation needs as much love as the rest of the code receives. Pieces of software get only used if there is enough and well written documentation. This part of the series about TYPO3 documentation is about contributing to it.  Edit Me on GitHub It is very easy to contribute to TYPO3 documentation. On any official manual or guide on, there is the button “Edit me on GitHub” in the upper right corner.  A click on this link sends you to GitHub and requires you to login. If you did not already fork the documentation repository, this is suggested directly...

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TYPO3 Backend-User-Management

Managing backend user permissions and groups can be a very challenging task, especially if you have to deal with many user and different permissions. Having a clear concept when organizing these groups, makes it later on much easier. This article describes my preferred concept. The central point is, that each group has a clear focus, so that you can read from its name, which permissions the group contains. Mixing up different permission areas will make it hard to name the groups and will lead at least to some level of mess, especially if the website grows and more editors...

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