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Flexible PHP-Development-Setup on MacOS X with Homebrew

Many (all?) php developers face the challenge that they have to test their work using different PHP versions. For MacOSX 10.10 Yosemite I found a  real simple solution that is setup in within about hour (excluding compile time 😉 ) Thanks to Tobias Liebig (@etobi auf Twitter) I came across the very good and well thought blog post of Alan Ivey about his php development setup on MacOSX. Until a couple of days ago I had a rather similar setup except the following features: homebrew based apache server auto virtual host feature for apache php installation using fpm The really cool thing of this setup is that you can create / use virtual hosts and switch php versions without touching the apache and / or php configuration! I can only recommend this setup. While installing I came across two small glitches: If you are switching from a mod_php- and homebrew-based installation, you must uninstall and remove every prior php installation and install all php versions from scratch. Otherwise the usage with fpm will not work. I recommend to compile and install all available php versions, as it is quite simple to switch between them at any time later. The “mysql”-database in version 5.6 together with MacOS X 10.10 (Yosemite) may cause some headaches, resulting in the error: “Lost connection to MySQL server at ‘sending authentication information’, system error: 32”.  The reason seem to be the...

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TYPO3 Budget Applications 2015 – Part 2

Welcome to second part of the TYPO3 budget applications overview. Before continuing, I would like to highlight three related things, that were mentioned on the comments of the prior post. Please read on … 1) It is not (all) about numbers Michael Stucki (@stucki on Twitter) commented in the first post that the it is not solely about the plain numbers, but about what we like and what we do not like in the applications. So it is really necessary to have a closer look at these applications. All application titles in these two posts are directly linked to the forum topic where you find the description and the details. 2) Thanks to Budget Owners While digging through the applications I asked several questions about content, goals and numbers. Others asked more questions. All of them got answered in a very pleasant and informative way. Thank you, budget owners, very much for your time and patience! 3) RSS – Feed to follow discussions Since each application resides on an own topic in the forum it is quite hard to follow the discussion just by using the web. But it is possible to follow the discussion by RSS feed. You find the link at the bottom of the overview page. TYPO3 Teams continued In the last post I missed two teams: TYPO3 CMS Team. They apply for round about 135.000 €. I asked about the UX code sprints...

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TYPO3 Budget Applications 2015 – Part 1

Last week, on Oct. 22nd, the applications for the 2015 budget were published on In this article you find a grouped list of the budget applications together with some comments. If you want to have a very quick impression of the application title, their owner and the amount, the spreadsheet of Matthias Schreiber gives i very good impression of the budget including some nice charts. So let’s start with the first group! T3A “Core” Budgets This is about running the TYPO3 Association itself. These are needed just to fulfill the purpose of the T3A, AKA “the administrative costs”. In my opinion they sound all very reasonable. The overvall budget applied for in this section is 169.555 €. Backoffice ( € 34,350.00 ) Expenses Lawyer ( €15,000.00 ) Expenses Accounting  ( €8,000.00 ) Executive Secretary  ( €89,155.50 ) BCC Travel Costs ( €1,600.00 ) CEBAB Meetings ( €21,300.00 ) T3A – Broader Goals Applications, covering costs that belong to the tasks of the T3A in strengthening the community and the brand are summed up here. The amount applied for this section is 283.300 €. Membership in other Organisations  ( €5,600.00 ) Licensing Team ( €6,200.00 ) Strategy T3A ( €20,000.00 ) Marketing TYPO3 ( €152,000.00 ) Community Management  ( €99,500.00 ) For Marketing and Community Management please read the questions and answers on forge. At the writing of this article there are some important questions open. ( Remark: If there are answers or more information, I will...

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TYPO3 and CMSgarden at WHD.local Munich

October 17, 2014 was the first day I represented TYPO3 at a booth on an expo. Reason was the WorldHostingDays event, which took place Munich (Germany). I was really curios how it will be at a booth together with some guys from other OpenSource CMS. About WorldHostingDays The WorldHostingDays are a series of events taking place in different cities around the world. This time they had a stopover in Munich. The CMSgarden had a booth to raise the flag for OpenSource CMS Systems. It was the first time, I met folks from other systems like Drupal, Contao or Joomla in real life. It was a real pleasure for me to meet you there. The Day We met a 8.00 a.m. to setup our booth directly at the entrance and to put on our gardeners outfit. The outfit looks quite funny. Visitors, who had contact to the CMS garden on other events, remembered us and came up to say “Hey, nice to see you again!”. Unfortunately I do not have a picture of it, yet. The event started quite slowly and had its peak around noon. Main reason was, that a german worker union announced a strike for the evening. That prevented about 100 visitors to show up and many other left the event early to be at home, when the strike starts. The Contacts The booth made it possible to have contact to all kinds of...

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YATB – Yet Another TYPO3 Blog

Yes, I am starting a YATB – “Yet Another TYPO3 Blog” and hope that I will be able to provide you nice and valuable insights into the TYPO3 community and TYPO3 products. In this very first article I will show you my goals and answer some questions around my motivation. Nice that you found this quite new blog. Please feel very welcome! My overall goal is to provide a (bigger?) picture of the TYPO3 community, its products and its tools … stuff, that is not visible …maybe : jewels found on TYPO3 websites like spotlights from events like TYPO3 DeveloperDays, conferences and camps or the cmsgarden useful TYPO3 extension or concepts teams and intiatives that drive the TYPO3 community … and much more If you have ideas or questions, please let me know. On the page “Howto Contribute” you find more details. So let’s go into the future and look out for fun and satisfaction! Cheers, Marcus   Here are some additional questions you might ask: Why do you start “YATB” and did not ask existing blogs? The last weeks some topics popped up in my mind that I’d like to share and discuss. Most blogs I know are linked to a company or mostly in german. I want to avoid both. So I decided to do it on my own. Why do you write in english? Despite having the biggest marketshare in the D-A-CH region...

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