Month: March 2015

How do you earn money with TYPO3?

This was one question I was asked at the WorldHostingDays last September in Munich. This made me really think about it. How do we earn money with TYPO3? Basically this question is valid for all other FOS-Software too. So I took a look at what agencies and freelancers around TYPO3 offer to the world. Most of us provide services like Consulting Website – Integration Individual Extension Programming Support As one offers these services, only the time spent on a customer can be charged. The only variable is the amount charged per hour or per day. The amount charged is dependent on how valuable the service seems to the customer and / or how good the sales person is. But it is limited by the available workforce. To some extent there were some crowdfunding initiaitives. As examples there are the extensions gridelements or themes. I don’t know for sure, but the aim was to fund the development of those extension, to make them public afterwards in a more or less long timeframe. A second variant is asking the community for some kind of sponsoring like Georg did with his extension „news“. It is quite similar to crowdfunding, but without a sponsoring goal that has to be reached upfront. Another flavor of crowdfunding are EAPs (Early Access Programms). This was used by for the TYPO3 SolR Extension. The difference to crowdfunding is, that main parts of the functionality...

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TYPO3 Forger: Get in Touch with Issues and Reviews!

You feel lost on With all the tickets? Categories? Tracker? You do not know which patch you like to put your energy on You do not find those topics / reviews you have the best expertise? So is probably the answer you are looking for!  It basically provides an intuitive interface to filter reviews and shows some statistics. In this article I will give you an overview over all the possible views. But let us start with a little side feature: TYPO3 Team Invitation for #slack Until some weeks ago you had to send an email to admin(at) with the request to get an invitation to the TYPO3 team on #slack. Everybody who requested an invite got one, but every request implied some manual work to acknowledge it. This could take some days until it was done. But offers a (still hidden) feature to get an automated invitation for the TYPO3 team on slack. This form is available under After providing your user data, you receive your invitation a couple of moments later. After confirming your account you can start using #slack right away. But now let’s see, what else could can do for you. Dashboard The dashboard on the start page gives an overview about what ist going on on & (Gerrit) in general. There are a couple of nice charts to show several numbers regarding the development of TYPO3; f.e. the velocity of on Forge and Gerrit or the cycle time. The dashboard provides also a search box...

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