Month: June 2017

TypoScript explained: Optionsplit

The “optionsplit” within TypoScript is a very powerful feature to manipulate the output of repeating elements. This is especially helpful, if you do not know how many elements will be there. In this post I will show you, how that works. Last week an apprentice came to me with a task, he had to solve, but was still looking for a solution. The first thing, that came to my mind was: That is something to solve with an “optionsplit”. At the same time I was quite uneasy how to explain that in understandable words (I remember the time of...

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“Say Thank You”

This blog post is on the blogs own behalf . I would like to take the chance to show you in a few sentences, how you can support me and this blog “”. Read on to know how it works. Since about one and a half year I am writing this blog regularly (as far as possible 😉 ). Doing research for it, creating ideas and writing it, is much fun, but also requires a lot of time. Currently I need six to ten hours a week, to get all the that done. So within a month, this is...

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Language Handling in TYPO3 – Part 2: Frontend

The second part of the language handling series of TYPO3 is about the configuration of the frontend. I show you, how to get the desired language for the website user. Having several languages in the frontend is no rocket science, if you know how to use the TypoScript configuration properly. All the config happens in the TypoScript setup of your website. Configuration Steps The first step is to define values for the default language. The default language has the uid “0” in the backend. Whatever you define as the default language in TypoScript, will be used. The second step...

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TYPO3 Reading List – Week 22 / 17

Topics this time are about the TYPO3 community, TYPO3 Integration and PHP development. The last part is about community and development topics in general. These are primarily not specific to TYPO3, but nevertheless valuable for our private, community and business life. The first parts are (as always) especially about TYPO3, followed by sections about security and community topics. So let us start: TYPO3 community Decisions Since a couple of months there is a new platform called It was built to collect topics, which need to be discussed and decisions must / should be found. Currently these three threads...

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