Month: June 2016

TYPO3 Editor Documentation at your fingertips

You know the challenge to provide current and well written editor documentation, don’t you? Probably you are tired in writing MS Word documents, converting them to pdf, sending them around via e-mail and knowing, at the same time, that nobody will read it. In this post I will show you a solution with which the editors will have it right at their fingertips, when working in the TYPO3 backend. The solution is simply described in one sentence: It’s a backend module which resides in the section „Help“ and loads a part of the page tree within an iframe in the...

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TYPO3_CONTEXT – An explanation

Since TYPO3 6.2 it is possible to use an environment variable for the webserver. It is called “TYPO3_CONTEXT”. The aim is to ease distinguishung and configuring the different contexts, in which a website can live. This post will give you an overview what a context is, what are the default contextes and how to configure them for your webserver. A context is an environment, in which your tool is run. Think of a car, which is run on a highway a interstate and city street To each of them, other restrictions apply, mainly the wanted (aka regulated) top speed....

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