TYPO3 Editor Documentation at your fingertips

You know the challenge to provide current and well written¬†editor documentation, don’t you? Probably you are tired in writing MS Word documents, converting them to pdf, sending them around via e-mail and knowing, at the same time, that nobody will read it. In this post I will show you a solution with which the editors will have it right at their fingertips, when working in the TYPO3 backend. (more…)


TYPO3_CONTEXT – An explanation

Since TYPO3 6.2 it is possible to use an environment variable for the webserver. It is called “TYPO3_CONTEXT”. The aim is to ease distinguishung and configuring the different contexts, in which a website can live. This post will give you an overview what a context is, what are the default contextes and how to configure them for your webserver. (more…)