Month: April 2017

Language Handling in TYPO3 – Part 1: Backend

Multi – language sites are (mostly) standard in current days. This was and still is a strength of TYPO3. In this article I will explain the different concepts and will show you the how to configure and work in the backend. The second part of this series is about how to configure the frontend output of a multi-language site with TYPO3 8(LTS). Single tree vs. multi tree Basically there are two competing concepts for running a multi language site with TYPO3: One is using a separate page tree for each language. The other one uses only one page tree...

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TYPO3 Reading List :: Week 16 – 17

A lot of weeks passed since the last issue of the TYPO3 Reading List. So there will be some more reading recommendations. This time the focus is solely on TYPO3 topics.  TYPO3 8LTS released The main news of the last weeks was probably the release of TYPO3 8LTS. You will find the official announcement of the release at If you are interested in all the shiny details, have a look at the “What’s new slides“. Under URL you will not only find the current one, but also one for each sprint release from 8.0 to 8.6....

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TYPO3 8LTS released : Important Changes

April 4th was the release date of TYPO3 CMS 8LTS, the next long time support version of TYPO3. Because there were not much features and breaking changes included as in the last versions, I compiled some slides for the LTS release. After the last two sprint releases I published a compilation of the twelve main changes, which hit TYPO3. Because there was a feature freeze and a stabilization phase not that much brand new and shiny things hit the public. Frontend Editing The feature, which did not make it into the TYPO3 8LTS release as expected, is the frontend...

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