Month: October 2015

TYPO3 and PSR-2 for IDEs – Lifting the Fog

At the TYPO3 developer days the core team members decided to drop the TYPO3 specific coding guidelines and to switch to the PSR-2 standard. This change was done in the night from Oct. 08 to 09 using a single huge commit. Read on for the complete story how to adapt your personal dev environment. If you wonder what’s all the hype is about: It is about the coding guidelines that TYPO3 uses. Until now it was a custom set of rules that have to be applied to the source code of TYPO3 core patches. This custom set for [1] The...

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TYPO3 7.5 “Time to Score” released – Features and Enhancements

Tuesday Sept. 29th was the date when TYPO3 7.5 was released. Its codename is “Time to Score”. This is probably the last sprint release before the TYPO3 7LTS release which is expected in later this year. In this post I will show you some of the enhancements and changes that found its way to the TYPO3 core. Performance One of the things, you will experience at first sight, is the improved performance. The TYPO3 backend is blazingly fast. This has several reasons: Many actions are now AJAX based, so a reload of one or more frames in the backend is not...

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