Month: November 2017

TYPO3 Extension Roundup 3rd Quarter 2017

The third quarter of this year is passed and it is time for the extension roundup. But before presenting the extensions for the last three months, I have some news for you regarding the coverage of TYPO3 extensions. Future coverage of extensions Not every extension will be published via the TYPO3 extension repository any more. Main reason is, that composer makes it very easy to include extensions from other sources, like Packagist, Github or Bitbucket. Starting with the next issue of the Extension Roundup, I will also search for interesting extensions on these services. But I need your help:...

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TYPO3 Performance: Asset Delivery and Caching

The first layer of performance onion is about asset delivery and caching. Each asset, which you do not have to deliver twice, makes your website faster. This blogpost shows, what you can do in this area, without touching the content of your website. The main secret for this layer is called “Caching”. Caching is used in two areas: Browser and proxy caching. Browser caching is probably well known by most of us. This is, when browsers save assets for multiple usage. Proxies are services, which cache assets and complete pages and deliver them to the browsers as if they...

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Housekeeping TYPO3 Extensions – Stay on Track with TYPO3 Core

In every TYPO3 major version there are backwards incompatible changes, which may (and probably will) effect your extension(s). This hurts hard, especially, if you must upgrade custom extensions, which were written by other developers or agencies. These six information sources and tools, which come with TYPO3, will help you to get over these hurdles. 1) Documentation about necessary changes First of all, all the breaking changes and new features are documented and available available via the install tool. In version 9 you need to go to “Upgrade” and the click on “Upgrade documentation”. In TYPO3 8LTS this function is...

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