Month: December 2016

Friends of TYPO3 02 : Tom Warwick

Please welcome Tom Warwick for the second edition of Friends of TYPO3. He is the first British person, I know, who is using TYPO3. So let us see, what he tells us. 🙂 Hi Tom, what was your first TYPO3 version? 4.2 How did you get in contact with TYPO3? TYPO3 was the preferred CMS in my very first role as a web developer, I was very lucky. I remember the initial learning curve being quite steep, however it paid dividends very quickly. TYPO3 does so many things very well, multi language support being one of them. How do...

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TYPO3 8.5 released – The 12 Main Changes

This week the christmas edition of TYPO3 was released. It is the sixth sprint release of TYPO3 version 8. Again some new and shiny features hit the public. In this post I will give you a quick overview of the new features, important changes and bugfixes. I grouped them according to “the target audience”, so that you can spot the changes, which are important to you more easily. For All 1) Streamline field positions in tabs for recurring fields Tabs, which are recurring in different record types, were streamlined. Similar fields, that were distributed across different tabs, are now placed...

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Deploy TYPO3 CMS using TYPO3 Surf

A common recommendation is to have a reliable deployment for your software. At first sight, this sounds very hard to learn and to achieve. But with the right tool and a good introduction, this becomes quite easy to manage, even for freelancers or small agencies. In this post, I will introduce you to TYPO3 Surf. TYPO3 Surf originated from the TYPO3 Neos project. Main goal was to deploy (TYPO3) Flow and (TYPO3) Neos applications and distributions. Shortly after the start of TYPO3 Surf, first steps were taken to use this tool also for TYPO3 CMS. Back then, it was...

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TYPO3 Reading List 49 / 2016

With this post I am starting a new format on my blog: The “TYPO3 Reading List”. It is a selection of carefully hand picked links, that I read the last weeks. I try to cover not only the different areas of TYPO3 community and development, but also will have a look beyond. The mentioned publications will usually be written in english. But sometimes I will also link articles in other languages, like german or french. These links will be marked with their original language. I am not sure how often the TYPO3 Reading List will be published. My goal...

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Debugging E-Mail-Notifications

Debugging e-mail-notifications can really be annoying. There are many different addresses flying around in the configuration. While developing and bugfixing, none of the created e-mails must be sent to the customer or other parties. In this post I will show you several alternatives to achieve this. There are at least four different solutions covering different needs and complexities. My main focus is to ease development on a local setup. The first possibility is currently my preferred one. Use a Mailcatcher The basic concept of a mailcatcher is to act like a normal smtp server and speak the same protocol. The...

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