Month: January 2018

My first podcast … and beyond

The @workingdraft podcast invited me to talk about the topic “TYPO3 Performance”. In this post I will share how it came to that invitation. In the second part of this post I describe the learnings out of my first recorded podcast. The history In November 2017 my colleague Dirk Döring retweeted a “call for topics” of the @workingdraft podcast. The workingdraft podcast is a major german podcast with about web development topics with about 14.000 downloads per episode. After some days of thinking I sent a DM, that I would be interested. There were three main reasons for that:...

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TYPO3 Reading List 01 / 2018

Welcome to the first post of the year 2018! Since the last one was quite a couple of weeks ago, I thought to share some reading recommendations with you. The first section is about TYPO3, the second takes a look outside our community. TYPO3 … Budget Applications and Decisions In November 2017 17 from 24 budget ideas were accepted and published by the EAB for the member budget poll. All accepted applications were shortly described on Finally nine applications were selected based on the member poll. Read on at Release of TYPO3 9.0 Probably most of us...

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