Month: February 2017

Friends of TYPO3 004 : Riccardo De Contardi

This is the fourth episode in the series, where I introduce you to members of the TYPO3 community. This weeks fellow is Riccardo De Contardi. Please give him a warm welcome and read on! Marcus: Hello Riccardo, thank you very much for participating in the interview and taking the time for answering the questions. Riccardo: Thank you, I feel excited. Marcus: How did you get in contact with TYPO3? Riccardo: I discovered it at work. The CTO, of my company at that time, asked me to learn and to use this CMS. He was also a developer and did the...

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Configure CKEditor in TYPO3

The new RTE “CKEditor” hit the TYPO3 core in version 8.5. Since the last release 8.6 it is now possible to configure the rich text editor via yaml files. Read on for a tutorial, how to configure the new rte CKEditor in TYPO3. The configuration file format The configuration of the CKEditor within TYPO3 is written in YAML. YAML stands for “YAML Ain’t Markup Language” as it contains really no markup. It is quite new to the TYPO3 universe. The first TYPO3 core project, which used YAML as the configuration file format, was the system extension “form”. Why not...

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TYPO3 User Experience Week – 2017 Think Tank Event

The TYPO3 User Experience Week (T3UXW) is the yearly think tank event of the TYPO3 project. Many things were kickstarted in the past at this event. Most of them found their way into the TYPO3 core. Read on for the history and the future. The beginning 2009 The TYPO3 User Experience Week has its roots in the year 2009. The first UXW was held at the castle of Behringen. The castle is / was in the “middle of no-where”. This has the advantage of very few distractions and helps to keep focus on the topic(s). The outcome was very...

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TYPO3 8.6 released – 12 main changes

TYPO3 8.6 is the valentines edition of TYPO3, released on February 14th. This release got really much love feature wise. Read on for 12 hand picked main changes published with this release. As I collected the subjects for the upcoming weeks, I noted this post with the remark “7 main changes” as we are heading to the LTS release. I expected the most significant changed already merged. But the two days before feature freeze resulted in a real feature storm. Reason for this “storm” was, that there will be no new features until 8LTS. Every feature, which was not committed...

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Munich TYPO3 User Group meets Microsoft

For the february meetup the Munich TYPO3 User Group was invited by Microsoft Germany to their new german headquarter in the north of Munich. I was really looking forward on how Microsoft will be … Yes, I was really looking forward to it, because I used open source software since the mid 1990 (mostly) exclusively. Only when necessary I installed the Redmond OS (aka Windows). Microsoft had the reputation of being “evil”. As it turned out in the small talk at the beginning, I was not the only one with this perception. 😉 But now let’s have a look...

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