Month: May 2017

Extend CKEditor in TYPO3 with Add-Ons

One of the features of CKEditor is that it has an API, which allows to extend the editor with more functionality. In this post I will show you, how you can add CKEditor plugins to the TYPO3 implementation. The last post about CKeditor  was about the basic configuration of the editor. Todays post is about how to extend the editors functionality with add-on. There are only four steps to add more functionality to the new RTE CKEditor in TYPO3. Provide a place to serve the add-on There must be a place where the add-on will be loaded from. This might...

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7 Ways to Support – Get Your TYPO3 Questions Answered

This blog post is about where and how to get support for your questions about TYPO3. I will show you seven channels where you can get your questions answered. RTFM – Read the fine manual Agreed … this is probably not what you wanted to hear at first. But there is much effort put into the documentation of TYPO3 right now in order to improve it. For a short introduction to TYPO3 documentation, you should have a look at my blog post series: User interface – How does it work? Content structure – Where to find what? How to...

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TYPO3 Console: Getting things done

The TYPO3 console is a great tool in order to get things done quickly. It provides many commands that will ease your live with TYPO3 a lot. Even if you are not used to command line tools, you should, no, you must have a look at this post. 😉 TYPO3 Console: A CLI tool for TYPO3 Basically the TYPO3 Console enables you to run tasks which are doing “something” with your TYPO3 installation. Usually these are tasks that require several mouse clicks in the backend. Now they are available via your keyboard. But first, let me add a small...

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