Contributions are really welcome! I would be very happy if this blog will not be a one man show.

So how can you contribute?

Spread the Word!

If you find a post helpful, please post it on Twitter, Facebook or any other social network, you are in favor of. For many networks I added a button right below the post, to make it as easy a possible to share it.

Give Feedback!

The second easiest way is to give feedback in the comment field below an article. You can just drop of your thoughts about the topic there.

Send me your questions!

As  I only have my view on the community and do not know what you like to know, please share your questions with me. I will try to make a post out of it.

Send me (a draft of) a post!

If you already wrote some lines of a topic, you think, the world should know about, you can send it to me. I will try to complete the post and gather more information about the topic (if necessary). Your input can be in german, too. I will translate it then. If the is ready to publish, the better it is.

Become an author!

After submitting some (at least one) ready to publish posts, you can become a “regular” author. Then you get access to the blog to write your articles directly.

Financial Support

Last but not least there are some ways to support this blog in financial aspects:

  • Hit the flattr!-Button
  • Access the Amazon Website via this blog.
  • Ask for some ad space and we will find a solution.

If you have other ideas how to contribute, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am very open for ideas!

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  1. Marc Willmann

    The first Education Team Sprint in 2016 takes place in Hamburg at 19.-20.01. We meet up to work onĀ current tasks like certification, TYPO3 Campus and the “Getting Started” guide.

    Our friendly host for this team sprint is F7 Media GmbH.

    We would love to see new people on board of the Education Committee. If you like to participate at our Hamburg Sprint please take a look at

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