Month: September 2017

Upcoming TYPO3 Events in 2017 and 2018

The summer holiday season is finally over and so the TYPO3 events season is in full swing. Take the chance, participate in one and make new friends and meet old ones. So take your time on and think about a trip to one and / or another event. In the last weeks the TYPO3camp in Munich made the start as every right at the end of the bavarian summer school holidays. The last days where “dominated” by the TYPO3 Agency Meetup Days. But don’t bother, there are many many other events coming. TYPO3 Events in 2017 TYPO3 University Days...

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Code Quality of TYPO3 Extensions

Code quality tools measure the code quality against defined rulesets. SInce a couple of months a website exists, which is monitoring all TYPO3 extensions available in the TER. What is checked and how can you benefit from this service? The service is based on, an open source project. It’s goal is to support enhance code quality continuously. It is possible to integrate it in continuous integration environments like JenkinsCI or Travis. But it is also possible to provide the analysis via a stand-alone website, where the various projects are imported and analyzed. This is the approach, that Marketing...

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TYPO3 Marketplace: Features and Funding

Since the start of “TYPO3 Inc.” (aka TYPO3 GmbH) creating the TYPO3 marketplace is one of the hot topics. It should / will be a one – stop platform for all services and products around TYPO3. Due to much (unexpected) work, the fellows at TYPO3 did not find the time to start the project. So a initiative was started by three agencies to fund and develop it independently. Goals of the T3Marketplace The TYPO3 Marketplace will be a one-stop platform for all services and products around TYPO3. If you hear that, you will probably think first about selling extensions and...

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