Month: February 2018

TYPO3 Performance – Caching, TypoScript and more

The first two layers of the TYPO3 performance onion where about quite common topics valid for every website: (browser) caching and frontend optimization. The next skin level is about TYPO3 rendering and what TYPO3 integrators can do for the performance of the website. Use static file cache extensions The best thing is, when TYPO3 is not needed to deliver a web page to the visitor … no TypoScript code, no extensions or any other php code is involved. You can achieve this using the extension “nc_staticfilecache” for TYPO3 versions up to 7.6.x or “staticfilecache” for TYPO3 version 8LTS and...

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TYPO3 Sprint Releases 9.0 and 9.1 — The main changes

After eight months, about 1200 commits later and many many hard coding hours the first sprint release TYPO3 version 9 was released on December 12th 2017. Six weeks later the next sprint release 9.1 was published on January, 30th. Both contain 56 deprecations, 71 new features, 76 breaking and 21 important changes. I will try to shed some light on these changes in this post. The total number of changes for version 9.1, which have a massive impact on TYPO3, are over 200 in the different categories. These changes result in 6089 changed files, 214.869 inserted and 221.214 deleted...

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