Month: January 2017

TYPO3 Reading List 04 – 2017

Here comes the next issue of the “TYPO3 Reading List”. My impression is that the blogging community around TYPO3 is growing more in the last weeks … and that’s great! Besides special TYPO3 stuff, I’ve also collected several related topics and posts. TYPO3 Code Sprint Basel Last week the next Team Sprint took place in Basel. Jonathan Iroulin (@wembley971) wrote a detailed article (in french language) about it here: Integrate FeManager and DirectMail Torben Hansen (@derhansen) wrote an article about how to use the extension “FeManager” to subscribe to a direct mail newsletter. Additionally he developed...

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TYPO3 Extension Roundup Q4 – 2016

Here comes the Extension RoundUp for the fourth quarter of the last year – 2016. Again it was not easy to choose these extensions among many, many other TYPO3 extensions. This time I segmented the picked extensions into several categories. The categories are “Security”, “Frontend”, “Backend” and “Application”. The category “Application” is for extensions which provide larger functionality, affecting backend and frontend. Security Authenticator (EXT:authenticator) This extension enables Two-Factor-Authentication (TFA) for the backend and frontend. It can be enabled by each user. It is very easy to use, just install it and you are done. Nevertheless it would be...

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Guide to TYPO3 Documentation – Part 2: Content Structure

This part of the “Guide to TYPO3 Documentation” is about the content and the question where you find which information. In this post I will describe the structure and topics of the main sources of TYPO3 documentation. Sections of TYPO3 documentation The main page of “” has three different sections. The sections are  TYPO3 Documentation Community Writings News Community Writings “Community Writings” is a section in the state of “Work in Progress”, where some sources outside of are linked. News The News section lists all major changes and updates in the last years. The number of news of the...

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Friends of TYPO3 003 : Michael Schams

This week we are travelling around the globe and are visiting Michael Schams in Australia. Maybe some of you know him, because of the books where he is a co-author. But he has to tell a lot more to tell about TYPO3 and his activities. Marcus Hi Michael. Tell us a little bit about yourself: where do you currently live and where are you from? Michael Hi Marcus. Currently I live in Melbourne. I am from Germany originally, but I moved to Australia in 2008 and live here since then. Marcus: How did you get in contact with TYPO3?...

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Guide to TYPO3 Documentation – Part 1: The User-Interface

The documentation of TYPO3 has a quite bad reputation, but that is not valid. Thanks to Martin Bless, it has evolved much in the last few years. In this and and some following posts, I will introduce you to the current state and structure of TYPO3 documentation and the various sources.  This post is about the user interface of and its hidden gems. In the last years Martin Bless (@marantern) invested much time and dedication into the infrastructure of TYPO3 documentation. The result is the domain ““. It is the one stop shop for TYPO3 documentation, the central place where all docs...

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