TYPO3 and Apache Solr – Introduction to an Advanced TYPO3 Search

On every website, some kind of search functionality is considered as a basic feature. The larger and more complex a website is, the more important is the possibility to search on a website. With an easy to handle extension, it is possible to connect TYPO3 to the search server Apache Solr. Read more about the advantages and how to run your first search … (more…)


Patch TYPO3 and Extensions using Composer

From time to time there might the requirement that a feature or a bugfix should be available prior to an official release or should be backported to a legacy version of TYPO3. If you are still not using composer, after reading this post, you might really consider doing so. But now, let’s see how it works. (more…)


Language Handling in TYPO3 – Part 1: Backend

Multi – language sites are (mostly) standard in current days. This was and still is a strength of TYPO3. In this article I will explain the different concepts and will show you the how to configure and work in the backend. The second part of this series is about how to configure the frontend output of a multi-language site with TYPO3 8(LTS). (more…)