Month: March 2018

TYPO3 and Apache Solr – Introduction to an Advanced TYPO3 Search

On every website, some kind of search functionality is considered as a basic feature. The larger and more complex a website is, the more important is the possibility to search on a website. With an easy to handle extension, it is possible to connect TYPO3 to the search server Apache Solr. Read more about the advantages and how to run your first search … Introduction to search solutions The larger and the more complex a website is, the more important is a prominent search field and a decent search functionality behind it. For TYPO3, there are several search solutions...

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Eight Extensions Making TYPO3 Developers Happy

There are several extensions out in the wild, which can make developers and integrators life much easier. For this blog post I picked eight of, which I use on a regular basis or which I consider as helpful. EXT:mask & EXT:mask_export Creating custom content elements was not easy. It required some decent knowledge of php and TYPO3 internals to create an extension to provide these. The combination of the extensions mask and mask_export step in this gap. “Mask” provides a nice drag and drop interface creating fluid templates for the layout and yaml files for the configuration. The created...

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