Month: October 2017

Create Guided Tours for TYPO3 Backend Users

Because reading manuals is normally hard and boring, most people do not read manuals. Therefore many websites and products offer to take a tour through the main features and options. With the extension “guide”, this is now also possible for TYPO3 in your own modules. The extension “guide” provides a possibility to create a guided tour for your TYPO3 backend module. The two prerequisites are that you provide the configuration for the guided tour and the extension “guide” is installed. Let’s start with the latter one… Install EXT:guide Via EM Since Sept. 21st there is a new 8LTS compatible...

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TYPO3 University Days 2017

The TYPO3 University Days 2017 took place on September 28th and 29th in Darmstadt. About 120 people from universities and sponsors met at the Hochschule Darmstadt to discuss and work on TYPO3 related topics. TYPO3 Academic Committee members of University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt organized and hosted the event the second time in a row. Program of the TYPO3 University Days 2017 In the opening session the president of the university gave us a warm welcome to Darmstadt. He pointed out that it is a very successful “business-model” when universities are (net-)working together. He was happy to provide room...

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