Month: October 2016

TYPO3 Extension RoundUp – Q3 2016

This is the extension round for the third quarter of 2016. Again I picked a couple of TYPO3 extensions, which are IMHO worth a look. The extension publishing activity speeded up in the last weeks, so it it hard to find a good selection. If you want to see a specific extension in this list, please drop me a note and will consider your suggestion. But read on for my current picks: Social Publisher (EXT:social_autopublish) Social Publisher is an alternative to services like buffer or hootsuite. It is used to publish your typo3 pages into different social media services like...

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Three Save-And-“X”-Button – Alternatives

With TYPO3 V7 the layout and handling of the Save – Button was changed. This lead to many (not ending) discussions in the TYPO3 community. As a follow-up some extensions were developed in order to change this. In this post I will show you the current alternatives and what my wish is for TYPO3 core. In the “ancient“ TYPO3 4.x and 6.x times there were tiny not so shiny buttons in the top bar while editing a page or any other record. They represented the actions „Save“, „Close“ , „Save and Close“, „Save and New“ and „Save and Preview“....

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“TYPO3 Extbase – Modern Extension Development for TYPO3” – A book review

Extbase is the programming framework of TYPO3. Together with with fluid, the templating engine of TYPO3, it is the base for developing extensions. This book gives you a comprehensive introduction to the basics of modern TYPO3 extension programming.   Before I take a deeper look into the book itsself, I want to mention that this is AFAIK the first book in the TYPO3 world, which was published using a self publishing platform. Patrick and Michael decided to go with Leanpub. You can find the e-book in various formats here: It is also available in german under the url

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