As this blog is an ongoing effort, I would like to give you the possibility to say “Thank you!” :-)

Next to my regular job as a senior web developer and my family, this is “the thing”, which consumes very much time. Each post takes about 7 hours in average for collecting ideas, research, writing and proof reading. The technical posts take more time as I try to make it work for all readers. Community topics and other stories do not need that much time. Additionally technical and organizational maintenance requires about one to two hours a week.

Counting all in I invest about 18 hours a month in this blog. Taking an average hourly rate of 65 Euros into account, this is a value of slightly above 1170 euros a month.

Therefore I would be very happy, if there will be some financial support. But I would like to keep the blog ad free and do not display Google ads or anything like this.  Your visit will not be tracked by ad networks and be kept private. 

I really would appreciate it, if you sponsor the blog and my work. The preferred way is to pledge a regular amount via

Support me on

It is quite easy to support me on Just follow these three steps:

  • Follow the link to
  • create an account (if do not already have one)
  • decide about the amount with which you would like to support me

The least amount is 1 USD, above that you can choose any amount you would like to. I created four levels of awards, which you will receive, when exceeding a certain amount. For more details have a look at will charge your credit card in the beginning of each month with the chosen amount. You will receive an invoice with VAT from, which you can use for your bookkeeping as any other invoice. Furthermore you can change the amount or cancel at any time. 

BTW: Patreon is charging USD. 1 USD of your pledge will convert into 0.75 – 0.80€ (after the discount of charges and the conversion from $ to €).

If you prefer one time donations, then you can use the following three possibilities:

Buy via Amazon

The second possibility is to start your purchases at Amazon via this link. Alternatively you can use the amazon widget in the right column of the blog. Depending on your selected product category, I will receive between 3 and 10 percent of your sales amount. In most cases it is seven percent. You do not have to pay more for your purchase, than you would do without that link.

For me this is totally anonymous. I see the products, sold via this link, but do not know who is ordering what.

So, if you want to do me a favor without a monthly pledge, this is an easy to use possibility to support me financially.

Amazon Wishlist

I have also a wishlist on Amazon, from which you can buy me a book or a gadget: Here is the link to my wishlist: 

As the time of writing this possibility to send money is new to me. I just created a link. So if you an paypal account, you can use this link to send me any amount of money

Sponsored blog posts

From now on, I will also publish sponsored blog posts. If you want to push your TYPO3 related product, I am happy to publish a post about it. There are six (pre-)conditions:

  • It must be tightly related to TYPO3. 
  • The post must add value for the readers … no simple marketing BS.
  • There will be in maximum two sponsored blog posts a month
  • The post will be published additionally to the normal blog posts.
  • The post will be marked as a sponsored post.
  • I am free to accept or decline any topic without any justification.

The price depends on whether I need to write it myself or if you deliver a ready to publish text. The price starts at 200 Euros (excl. VAT) for a ready to publish post. If I need to write it myself or must edit it, my work time value will be added to this amount. If you want to publish a series of blog posts, we can talk about a discount.