My name Marcus Schwemer.

I am working at in2code GmbH as a key account manager and project leader for TYPO3 projects.

As a freelancer I offer TYPO3 integration and TYPO3 support services to small businesses and associations.

My spare time is dedicated to my family and writing blog posts in late evenings about TYPO3. Furthermore I like cooking, skiing and watching live soccer.

If you think, I can support you, please do not hesitate to contact me via:

Twitter: @MarcusSchwemer
TYPO3 Slack: @mschwemer

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  1. Luna Cafu

    Hi Marcus

    Thanks a lot for this great tutorial.

    Just one thing I would have liked, was an overview of the file structure with all folders and filenames. Especially difficult for me to follow was the “Prepare the Target”.

    Something like this:


    would have helped. I am stuck right now.


    1. Marcus Schwemer

      thanks for your contribution. I would like, if you move it to the correct post. Right now, it would be shown under “About me”, what’s wrong, an nobody else can find from your contribution directly.


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