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TYPO3 Reading List 04 – 2017

Here comes the next issue of the “TYPO3 Reading List”. My impression is that the blogging community around TYPO3 is growing more in the last weeks … and that’s great! Besides special TYPO3 stuff, I’ve also collected several related topics and posts.

TYPO3 Code Sprint Basel

Last week the next Team Sprint took place in Basel. Jonathan Iroulin (@wembley971) wrote a detailed article (in french language) about it here:

Integrate FeManager and DirectMail

Torben Hansen (@derhansen) wrote an article about how to use the extension “FeManager” to subscribe to a direct mail newsletter. Additionally he developed a small extension which eases this further more.

TYPO3 and Cloudflare

Cloudflare is a service which has the goal to protect and accelerate websites. Read how your TYPO3 setup can profit from this service in the post by Xavier Perseguers (@xperseguers):

Deployment of TYPO3 CMS

The second post by Torben Hansen (@derhansen) in this Reading List is about deployment of TYPO3. He is taking a totally different appraoch than I did in my article a couple of weeks ago. My this fits better for your needs:


Daniel Goerz updated his introduction to the TYPO3 Icon API, which is replacing the old IconUtility. As the IconUtility is completely removed in TYPO3 V8 and your extension(s) still relies on this code, I can really recommend this.


A new version of the T3Extension quiz was released. Answer eight questions in max two minutes and beat others. If you post your result on twitter, please post only your first try … all other results are “fake results”.


WAF rules for TYPO3

Web Application Firewalls are there to protect a website from malicious attacks. Christian Follini (@chrfolini) has started to build such a set of rules specialized and teamed up with @avarx_ from the TYPO3 security team.

HTTP Security Headers

The central part of a secure web is https. If you must deal with http security headers, here is a good overview, of what you have to consider.

Web Security

Cade Cairns and Daniel Somerfield explain in an article on Martin Fowlers website the basics of “Web Security Basics”. This is really not a short article but an ebook published as a blog post. They call it an “evolving publication”. Updates will be posted on their twitter feeds.

Coding Principles

Pragmatic coding

This post boils software design decisions down to the question: “What is really necessary?” But read his full story:

Writing better tests

An article by Michael Bodnarchuk (@davert) from CodeCeption finds out why is it better to test versus expectations than to implementations.

DevOps & Administration

Pipelines with Jenkins

Pipelines in Jenkins are concatenated deployment steps, where the successor is only executed, the previous one was successful. Alex Bilbie published an article how to get your first pipeline up and running with Jenkins.


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In case you have any reading recommendations for the next issue, please don’t hesitate to send them in. You can use twitter, TYPO3 slack or e-mail.

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