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Friends of TYPO3 – Starting Edition

Do you know the community? Do you know who is engaged in which area? Do you know all, who share the same interests as you do? No? Then this series is for you!

Friends of TYPO3

With the „Friends of TYPO3“ series I will create a series of blog posts where people of the community can share about themselves, how what they contribute and how you can support them. My goal is to show many of the different blossoms of the bouquet of the TYPO3 community: Interests, contribution, teams, gender, nationality and age.
My focus will not be on the „stars”, everyone knows (even if there will be the one or the other interview). But I will focus on those people, who are part of the community, but not so well known. A major interest is to promote fellows outside the german speaking D-A-CH region.

Help needed

This is also the point, where I need you! I am looking for people, with whom I can carry out the interviews. If you know somebody, you would like to have interviewed, please drop me a note. I would be very happy about that. The more friends you recommend, the more interviews you can read.

The Questions

The series is based on written interviews. The start is a set of ten standard questions. When there are topics which seem interesting, I will add additional questions, which will complement the interview. The questions will evolve over time (probably). If an interview partner feels uncomfortable with a question, (s)he may leave it out.

The Future

The interview series “Friends of TYPO3“ will basically not substitute the technical blog posts, but will be published as an additional offering. I plan to release new interviews about every second week, starting from the next week. It depends a little bit how many answers and recommendations I get.
As this format is quite new and I do not know of a similar format on other blogs, I am really looking forward what will happen. If you have any suggestions, recommendations or critics, please drop me a note here in the comments or via twitter.

The near Future

My first interview partner will be Tomas Norre Mikkelsen. I am really happy that he agreed to the interview. So stay tuned and read the interview next week.
The post image was published on unsplash by Kimson Doan under the Unsplash License. Modified using the service pablo on buffer.

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  1. Natalie

    Wonderful idea. How should people get in touch with you?

    1. Marcus Schwemer

      Hi Natalie,
      people can contact me via TYPO3 slack (@mschwemer), Twitter (@MarcusSchwemer) or e-mail (

  2. Paul Beck

    It’s a wonderful idea! I’m from Schwerin in Northern Germany and even if there are some more agencies around, I don’t know any other T3 developers personally (expect the ones in our agency). Hopefully I can meet some TYPO3 Events next year.

    I’m happy looking forward for your interviews to learn more about our community.

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