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TYPO3 Reading List 002

After a short Christmas break, this is the first post in the new year 2017 and the second edition of the TYPO3 reading list. Again I try to cover all areas around TYPO3. Some of the contributors are Sebastian Michaelsen, Arthur Rehm, Helmut Hummel and Andreas Fernandez.

TYPO3 Community

Budget Voting

In the mid of December the results of the T3A members poll were published on Some days later the budget owners were informed about the decisions. And some more days later on Dec. 15th the decision was explained publicly on

New board member of the TYPO3 Association

As of January 1st the Export Advisory Board of the TYPO3 Association has a new member: Mathias Bolt Lesniak. Please welcome him in his new position as first assessor responsible for press and communications. To learn more about him read on at relaunch

One of first, but very important step for the TYPO3 relaunch has been taken. The SSO infrastructure was moved to LDAP. To finish the step every user need to take action. You find the details on

TYPO3 Versions

Marcus Krause (@t3sec) updated the T3Census. It’s any overview over the used TYPO3 versions of about 250.000 installations found by a crawler. Interesting is that only 33% of all installations run on currently supported versions. Another third is running on TYPO3 4.5, where you cannot see, whether it is running an ELTS or outdated versions. Details are on

T3Bits Episode 20

Sebastian Michaelsen (@s_michaelsen) published the 20th episode of the T3Bits podcast. He is talking with Benni Mack (@bennimack)about TYPO3 version 8. You can listen to it on or subscribe to the podcast via iTunes or directly (

TYPO3 Integration

Microdata and SEO

Arthur Rehm (@zensor_1) “unleashed” a very hidden feature in TYPO3, which is there since TYPO3 4.7. He describes, how you can activate that feature with some lines of TSConfig:

Performance Checklist

Already in the last TYPO3 Reading List I published a link to a front-end checklist. This one is much longer and focuses only performance stuff.

Best Practices

Daniel Goerz (@ervaude) summed up five important best practices, when developing with TYPO3: Read on here:

TYPO3 Backend

TYPO3 Extensions and Composer

Helmut Hummel (@helhum) gives detailed insight how to handle TYPO3 version requirements in the composer.json of extensions: If composer is new to you, you might also be interested in the other article

TYPO3 New Record Wizard

Andreas Fernandez (@murphyfinnbarr) explains how to setup the new content element wizard with pure TypoScript, as the most used way using php is strongly discouraged:


TYPO3 Security Releases

The TYPO3 Core Team released new versions for the TYPO3 core. For TYPO3 version 8.5 it only contains a security fix. The other two releases contain also lots of bugfixes. Find the official announcement on and the details of the security issue on


Design-Patterns and Anti-Patterns

Design-Patterns (should) belong to the toolbox of every developer. This is independent of the language. A good overview of patterns are documented on All (most) patterns are documented with actual php code. That makes it easier to understand and to port the theory to the code. The patterns at the end of the “book” need some love, but it can be edited via github PRs. ?

PHP Performance Evolution

This is a nice overview and details how the performance improved over the different PHP version starting from php5 until the current experimental PHP8 JIT compiler branch. So not only the end of the support of PHP 5.6, the massive performance gain is a major “feature” of the newer versions.

DevOps & Administration

Splitting FPM-Pools

Benjamin Eberlei (@beberlei) is writing about splitting the FPM pools for frontend and backend tasks. He explains it using Magento, but I think, this can also be transferred to TYPO3 easily.

Private Packagist

Nils Adermann (@naderman) announced the availability of a private packagist. This service will reduce the work and infrastructure providing a private packagist repository and aims to replace Satis and Toran Proxy. The article is available at The service is located at

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In case you have any reading recommendations for the next issue, please don’t hesitate to send them in. You can use twitter, TYPO3 slack or e-mail.

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