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TYPO3 Reading List 49 / 2016

With this post I am starting a new format on my blog: The “TYPO3 Reading List”. It is a selection of carefully hand picked links, that I read the last weeks. I try to cover not only the different areas of TYPO3 community and development, but also will have a look beyond.

The mentioned publications will usually be written in english. But sometimes I will also link articles in other languages, like german or french. These links will be marked with their original language.

I am not sure how often the TYPO3 Reading List will be published. My goal is to release a new edition every two weeks. But this depends at least on two factors: my time and available posts and news.


Workflow and Tools of TYPO3 GmbH

The TYPO3 GmbH describes its internal workflow and how to contribute to their public projects and extensions. It covers the covers the goals and their tool stack (mostly based on Attlassian services). Design Contest

TYPO3 Design Contest was finished. Thomas Löffler (@spooner_web) presents the winners of the contest. Maybe I am the only one, who was quite astonished about the outcome and the winners:

Notes on Dependency Injection

There are some ways to inject dependencies into TYPO3 extbase classes. I always wondered, which is the right one. Claus Due (@namelesscoder) wrote some lines about dependency injection and how this should be done and why:

Performance Matters

Performance is always a topic on several levels: server side, page speed, … The Indian TYPO3 Usergroup and Sanjay Chauhan put together TYPO3 specific a 30 point checklist. These tipps should help you to get a better performing website:


TYPO3 Security Releases

The TYPO3 versions 6.2.29, 7.6.13 and 8.4.1were released and fixed two security flaws in the core. If you did not update your instances yet, please read at least the news and the security bulletins, and check whether you are at risk:

E-Mail Security

Many of us know PGP, but it is not very easy to set up and to share keys. An alternative method is S/MIME. Anselm Hannemann shared his setup and proceedings for MacOS Sierra and iOS:



The TYPO3 server team had to face some outages in the last time: Steffen Gebert (@StGebert) wrote Post-Mortem-Analysis about it. Post-Mortem-Analysis are a good way to force one-self not to get into the same trap as before. Read these Post-Mortems here about SolR Search issue and here about network configuration. May be they can serve as a template for your own Post-Mortems.


A CSS Reference

A newcomer for css stuff is It provides a reference with examples to all the css properties.

Frontend Checklist

Hans Christian Reinl provides an extensive frontend checklist on It covers many areas like performance, resource handling, accessibility and more.


Optimal function length in PHP

Martin Fowler throws some thoughts to the question “What is the optimal function length?”. Many of us think in “lines of code” or “screen-size”. But read on for his definition of the optimal length:

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In case you have any reading recommendations for the next issue, please don’t hesitate to send them in. You can use twitter, TYPO3 slack or e-mail.

I found the blog post image on pixabay. It was published by Hans under the CC0 public domain license. It was modified by myself using pablo on buffer.

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