You are currently viewing TYPO3 Reading List – Week 22 / 17

TYPO3 Reading List – Week 22 / 17

Topics this time are about the TYPO3 community, TYPO3 Integration and PHP development. The last part is about community and development topics in general. These are primarily not specific to TYPO3, but nevertheless valuable for our private, community and business life.

The first parts are (as always) especially about TYPO3, followed by sections about security and community topics. So let us start:

TYPO3 community


Since a couple of months there is a new platform called It was built to collect topics, which need to be discussed and decisions must / should be found.

Currently these three threads are open for discussion:

Server Team

As always the server team provides detailed information about the status of ongoing work and their sprints. Read their last report at

TYPO3 Assoc

The communication group of the TYPO3 Association is looking for assistance on various levels to improve their communication and creating more awareness for TYPO3. Learn here, how to support TYPO3 without coding:


Christian Kuhn of the TYPO3 GmbH started a series of blog posts about testing the TYPO3 core. The first post is about the infrastructure behind all testing:


Coders.Care is an initiative to provide service level agreements for public open-source TYPO3 extensions. This article provides details about their concept:

TYPO3 Dates

Here are three upcoming dates in the TYPO3 community:

TYPO3 Certifuncation

The Certifuncation is about to start in a week. There you can meet many of the TYPO3 community. As of the time of writing already 411 people signed up to the event. Details are available on

If you want to order a ticket, just head over to Eventbrite. The ticket sale is open until June 8th! Tickets are available here:

TYPO3 Developer Days 2017 im Malmö

The following event are the TYPO3 Developer Days in Malmö. They start on Thursday 13th July and will last until Sunday 16th afternoon. There are still tickets available. Go and grab your ticket: A special discount (aka free tickets and some travelcosts) is available for #T3Rookies.

BTW: If you are looking for a flight to Malmö, you should check Copenhagen airport as it is cheaper to fly there and the location is nearer than Malmö airport to the location. 

University Day

In September there will be again a university day focusing the needs of universities. A first announcement is available at

TYPO3 Integration


TYPO3 has now got a native linkhandler. Daniel Goerz wrote a nice feature spotlight about it on He describes in short how to configure it.


The sitepackage builder provides an easy way to create a TYPO3 extension, which is able to contain the configuration of a complete website. Benjamin Kott updated his sitepackage builder to be compatible with TYPO3 8LTS.

Go, create and explore your first sitepackage at

Email Accessiblity

Creating HTML email newsletters is a hard job. It gets even harder, if the emails should / must be accessible. The initiative at shows some “state of the art” accessible newsletters and offers some tools to evaluate the emails.

PHP – Development

Unit tests – the big picture

Gundars Mēness provides a big picture of (unit-)testing. This blogpost gives a really nice overview about the various testing levels and how they fit together:

Ship new code in a legacy code base

It is not the first time, I’m citing a post of Benjamin Eberlei. This time he wrote about the fun of refactoring aka “Shipping new code in a legacy codebase”

This is blog post is part of an ebook, which is available at, if you leave some contact data. Alternatively you can buy it at Amazon

Development and Community

Password Rules

A very nice article about password rules and some numbers is on It proves some misconceptions about the passwords and their security:

About writing comments

Writing comments is a hard job for most developers. Andreas Klinger wrote down four (IMHO resonable) thoughts about it on

HypeDriven Development

Marek Kirejczyk from is sketching a nice picture of “Hype Driven Development”. At the end he presents some good practices, how to deal with the potential hypes.

How-To integrate remote co-workers

Most companies employ remote workers. Communication and co-working is not always that easy. Trello lists six mistakes, which make it hard to be a part of the team for remote workers:

“Your issue is not fixed yet?”

Expectations against open-source-developers are quite high, especially if it is about bugfixing and the time to respond and / or fix the issue. Michael Bromley elaborates on the various trade-offs an open-source-developer is facing. Even if many of us are on “both sides”, we need to remember this )on a regular basis):

Last but not least: “Slow the fuck down”

Many (all?) of us are very busy to reach their obligations and goals. Eric Karjaluoto stepped a little bit back to get a wider picture. Here are his conclusion about work – life – balance:


I hope, that one or more reading recommendation has been interesting for you. If so or if you know somebody, who could profit from it, please share this post via your favorite social network. For your convenience I added some share buttons at the end of this page.

I found the blog post image on pixabay . It was published by Hans under the CC0 public domain license. It was modified by myself using pablo on buffer

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