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“Say Thank You”

This blog post is on the blogs own behalf . I would like to take the chance to show you in a few sentences, how you can support me and this blog “”. Read on to know how it works.

Since about one and a half year I am writing this blog regularly (as far as possible ;-) ). Doing research for it, creating ideas and writing it, is much fun, but also requires a lot of time. Currently I need six to ten hours a week, to get all the that done. So within a month, this is about an a complete work week of 36 hours.

Many of you seem to appreciate quality, time and energy, I am investing in this blog. You share the posts in your favorite social networks. Many readers have subscribed to the rss feed. In average there are 4.400 visitors each month since the beginning of 2017.

From now on, you have the chance to say easily “Thank You” and support the creation of the blog.

Become a patron is a crowdfunding platform, where you can support creators on a regular basis. If you register there, you can pledge for any amount of money, which will be deducted from your credit card every month. Pledges are possible from just 1 USD per month (plus VAT).

With the sponsoring of this blog via, you will also receive a reward, depending on the amount you pledge for. Until now I created four tiers of rewards.

Your reward as a “Community sponsor” pledging 1 USD or more, is that you will be mentioned on a special patron page. On this page lists all patrons, sorted by there tier.

The next tier is the “Bronze sponsor“. If you pledge for five USD or more, than your name will be listed once in the credits of an blog post.

Silver sponsors (>= 10 USD) can participate in an live editorial board, which I will organize every three months. There you have the chance to influence the topics, about which will write in the upcoming weeks.

The tier of platin sponsors (>= 50 USD) is limited to four sponsors. If you choose this one, your logo will be displayed in the upper right column, just below the search field.

Additionally to the described rewards in each tier, of course you “earn” all rewards of the “lower” tiers too.

So if you like my blog and you like to give something back, just head over to, create an account and choose the tier you like.

If you are one of the first 10 patrons, I will honor your pledge with a mention on twitter and facebook.

I would be really happy, if you would support me and my blog via Patreon.

Not convinced yet?

Right in the beginning of this post, I talked about the amount of time, I invest every month in average: 36 hours. As a freelancer with a hourly rate of 75 euros, this corresponds a net value of 2700 euros.

BTW: If only half of all visitors each month would leave 1 USD, this amount nearly would be financed. In this regard: every euro / usd counts. I do not expect to get the full amount financed, but a significant portion would be fine, though.

So get yourself a kick, and opt in for 1 USD a month.

What about the platform?

Personally, I use to fund other creators since over a year.

The registration is very easy. If you registered and pledged for a certain amount, you will get an pdf invoice with VAT, so you can use it in your bookkeeping, as any other invoice. This amount is deducted from your credit card at the beginning of each month. 

Furthermore, you can change or discard your sponsorship at any time easily. The change becomes effective with the start of the upcoming month. (I did that myself without any hassle).

So there is no risk for you to give the platform a chance. ;-)

Questions or wishes?

If is definitely not a solution for you, but you want to support me anyway, you can have a look at the “Say Thank You” page. There, I describe two more possibilities, how you can support my blog.

In case you have more questions or wishes regarding sponsoring this blog, do not hesitate to contact me. We will find a solution. :-)

All the best,


I found the blog post image on pixabay . It was published by stux under the CC0 public domain license. It was modified by myself using pablo on buffer.

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