TYPO3 and PSR-2 for IDEs – Lifting the Fog

At the TYPO3 developer days the core team members decided to drop the TYPO3 specific coding guidelines and to switch to the PSR-2 standard. This change was done in the night from Oct. 08 to 09 using a single huge commit. Read on for the complete story how to adapt your personal dev environment. (more…)


TYPO3 Forger: Get in Touch with Issues and Reviews!

You feel lost on forge.typo3.org? With all the tickets? Categories? Tracker? You do not know which patch you like to put your energy on review.typo3.org? You do not find those topics / reviews you have the best expertise?
So forger.typo3.org is probably the answer you are looking for!  It basically provides an intuitive interface to filter reviews and shows some statistics. In this article I will give you an overview over all the possible views.