TYPO3_CONTEXT – An explanation


Since TYPO3 6.2 it is possible to use an environment variable for the webserver. It is called “TYPO3_CONTEXT”. The aim is to ease distinguishung and configuring the different contexts, in which a website can live. This post will give you an overview what a context is, what are the default contextes and how to configure them for your webserver. Continue reading

TYPO3 Extension Roundup – Q1 2016

The Extension Roundup is a personal pick of extensions which were published in the first quarter 2016. I tried to choose new extensions and those which received a major update. Hopefully you find a „hidden“ and useful gem.

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TYPO3 User eXperience Week 2016 – Sponsors wanted

Five usability teams, one Core Team, one week in the middle of nowhere – this is a basis for very successfull enhancements for TYPO3. The former TYPO3 User eXperience weeks (short: T3UXW) proofed that already several times.

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EXT:phpMyAdmin – Alternatives for TYPO3

Last week again a security update for the TYPO3 extension „phpMyAdmin“ hit the public. This is one of the extensions, which are mostly updated due to security reasons. There are several secure alternatives, which I will show you in this article.

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3 + 1 Solutions for Responsive Images on TYPO3 Websites

3 + 1 Solutions for Responsive Images

Building responsive websites is already the standard for new websites and relaunches. But delivering a 4k hires image to a mobile device via a 3G or even Edge connection is a pain (especially for the user). The question is: How to avoid this? And how to make visitors and customers happy? Continue reading

“Miles ahead” – TYPO3 V8 Development started

TYPO3 V8 Development started

Shortly after branching off the new TYPO3 version 8, I started a written interview with Benni Mack and Mathias Schreiber. Benni is the the team lead of the TYPO3 core team and Mathias is the product owner of TYPO3 CMS. Please read on for the complete interview and see what we can expect from the next year. Continue reading

TYPO3 Extension Security Bulletins 01 – 2016

On March 3rd the TYPO3 security team published six security bulletins regarding extensions. The following extensions were covered: ics_utopia, listfeusers, enter_new_weeaar_googlesitemap, festat, kickstarter, solr. For details, read on …

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TYPO3 6.2.19 and TYPO3 7.6.4 released – Security Updates

On tuesday, February 23rd, the TYPO3 development team released the maintenance and security updates of TYPO3 for the versions 6.2 and 7.6. Four security patches and many bugfixes were included. Read on for details …

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Fluid Styled Content – Next Generation TYPO3 Templating


Fluid Styled Content (FSC) is the new standard for rendering the standard content elements of TYPO3 in the frontend. It is a replacement for the good old system extension “CSS Styled Content“ (CSC). The goal of FSC is to ease the templating for the frontend. This article shows how to use and customize FSC. Continue reading

TYPO3 6.2.18 and TYPO3 7.6.3 released – Security & Bugfix Update

On tuesday, February 17th, the TYPO3 development team released the maintenance updates of TYPO3 for the versions 6.2 and 7.6. Four security patches and many bugfixes were included. Read on for details …  Continue reading