Website Redirects in TYPO3

TYPO3 version 9 is getting more and more shape in the last sprint releases. One major achievement was the new site management. The redirects module was the very first step towards a more comprehensive site management solution. Learn here how to upgrade. to use it and what intermediate solutions can be.



TYPO3 Certifuncation 2018

On friday July 13th, the fourth TYPO3 Certifuncation took place at the Phantasialand near Cologne. Nearly 450 participants from all over the world joined this awesome event to (re-)certify and to have fun. Read on for my recap of this event. (more…)


10 TYPO3 Commerce Solutions

In the last weeks several times the question popped up on twitter: What is the best commerce solution for TYPO3? Another reason is that WireCard is a new industry partner and offering a commerce solution for TYPO3. Time to create an overview about the currently available solutions around.


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