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TYPO3 Event Calendar – New Service

The TYPO3 community is getting more and more active and the events and meet ups are becoming more. So it gets quite hard to keep the overview over all gatherings that happen. So I decided to add a calendar to this blog.

TYPO3 Event Listings

The next fifteen events you will find an any page in the right column or at the bottom of the page (if you are viewing the site with a mobile phone). A list of all events known by me are listed on the calendar page. There you can filter the list by categories. For now there are three types of events and two languages. The types are „Official“, „Usergroup“, „Camp“ and „Codesprint”. Current languages are only german and english available. If there is the need for another type or language, I will be glad to add it. :-)

Event subscriptions

It is also possible to subscribe one or more events to your favorite calendar application. In each listing and single event view there is a „Add“, „Add to calendar” or „Subscribe“ button. With this button you can add the event or the selection to your favorite calendar. If the list is updated and your calendar app checked the subscription new dates will be added to your calendar.

Do you know or organize an event that is not listed?

A calendar is only as good as the dates in there. The more correct dates are shown, the more value there is for all of us. So if you know of an event that is not listed here or where the dates are incorrect, please drop me a note. Use any means you are comfortable with:

– comments area in this post
– e-mail me at
– mention or dm at twitter @MarcusSchwemer
– note via the TYPO3 team on slack to @mschwemer

If you like to have an event added, please provide the following information

  • event title
  • event date(s)
  • location (best with an address for the map; optional, but strongly recommended)
  • type
  • main language
  • booking information (optional)
    • link
    • price
  • organizer (optional)
  • event website (optional, but strongly recommended)
  • very, very short description and additional urls (optional; the description does not replace your event website!)

Official TYPO3 event listing

Please keep in mind, that this is a private initiative and there is also an event listing on You should really add your event there too, since the website has a much broader audience than this blog.

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  1. Hallo, I am looking for a very simply extention for Typo3 to show an event list like on this page, I love the more graphical one which looks like a daily calendar. How did you do that one? really nice. please contact me via my email

    1. Marcus Schwemer

      There are some extensions that extend the news extension of Georg Ringer, with such functionality. The styling is completely up to you.

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