You are currently viewing TYPO3 Reading List Week 35 – 2017

TYPO3 Reading List Week 35 – 2017

This issue cover of the TYPO3 reading list covers 13 weeks of links. Believe me, there have been many many more. Next to TYPO3 the main topic is accessibilty, but also “normal” webdev and php topics are part of this list.


New TYPO3 extension repository

Since August 22nd the TYPO3 extension repository the major overhaul is live and available for everyone under a seperate domain Thomas Löffler, the team leader and lead developer, wrote an news article on

I have to say “Thank you very much” for your ongoing work on the TER and the relaunch of!

Testing TYPO3’s core

Short before the last issue of the TYPO3 Reading List Christian Kuhn issued the first article about testing the TYPO3 core. Until now the series includes six posts covering the different areas:

And in case you missed the first post in the last issue: Part I: Infrastructure

Run TYPO3 upgrade wizards from CLI

A very new feature of the TYPO3 console by Helmut Hummel is to run any upgrade wizard via the TYPO3 console and the command line. He reports about how this great feature became reality on

Refactoring t3editor

 is summing up his two years lasting journey refactoring the t3editor. t3editor is a system extension and provides a editing component for the TYPO3 backend including syntax highlighting

Why you gain by attending community events

Events like barcamps, Developer Days or Agency Meetup Days are a central building block of the TYPO3 community. Wolfgang Wagner explain why and what you gain by attending these events yourself or by sending one or more employees in the post What you gain by taking part in TYPO3 events.

Recap of the TYPO3 Developer Days

Besides the articles on this blog, I published my first news on It is a short recap of the TYPO3 Developer Days held in Malmö:


Testing with headless chrome

Since a couple of releases it is possible to use Google Chrome in a headless mode. This blog post describes howto to use it for automated tests in your ci environement:

Launch Checklist

Every time, when launching a new website, you may think: Did I forget something? HarrisJT made a nice checklist on, which lists 36 topics you should check before launch. The checklist is also available as pdf or docx.


TYPO3 Security Bulletins

On July 11th several security bulletins for extensions were released. You find a list of them on Please check, if one of your installations is hit by them and update immediately. Thanks to Torben Hansen for taking care and publishing them.

Secret data in ENV variables

Using environment variables in web development is becoming more and more popular. But if you want to store secret data there, you should consider this article from Diogo Monica, the security leas at docker:


Another “hot” topic in the last weeks seems to be “accessibility”. Many posts and initiatives crossed my timeline. Here are a few of them.

Recommendation of the British government

The British government released several info graphics and explanations about the DOs and DONTs in this area. This recommendations do not only cover visual inabilities, but also topics like dyslexia and of the autistic spectrum.

web accessibility in mind

The mission of “Web Accessibility in Mind” of the Utah State University is to make web content accessible to people with disabilities. Their focus is to empower organisations to achieve is for example with the tool “wave” There you can enter an url and you get instantly an analysis of the website.

10 Guidelines for web accessibity

This recommendation helps to check existing and in development projects against the most common pitfalls. The recommendations have developers and editors in mind:

PHP Development

Exception or not to exception

Exceptions are a quite powerful tool, if used correctly. In many projects I see very little use of this construct. This article gives you a short intro, when to use an exception or not:

Type hint all the things

Over the last releases type hinting has hit the PHP world. This article shows, why you should use type hinting if possible. At the end David Négrierlists some best practices they implemented at “The Coding Machine”:

Composer GUI client

Ok, the last thing is not really a reading recommendation. in the last weeks I stumbled over a composer GUI client. I do not know whether this is really necessary, but here is it anyway:


I hope, that one or more recommendations have been interesting for you. If so or if you know somebody, who could profit from it, please share this post via your favorite social network. For your convenience I added some share buttons at the end of this page.


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