Author: Marcus Schwemer

TYPO3 Marketplace: Features and Funding

Since the start of “TYPO3 Inc.” (aka TYPO3 GmbH) creating the TYPO3 marketplace is one of the hot topics. It should / will be a one – stop platform for all services and products around TYPO3. Due to much (unexpected) work, the fellows at TYPO3 did not find the time to start the project. So a initiative was started by three agencies to fund and develop it independently. Goals of the T3Marketplace The TYPO3 Marketplace will be a one-stop platform for all services and products around TYPO3. If you hear that, you will probably think first about selling extensions and...

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TYPO3 Reading List Week 35 – 2017

This issue cover of the TYPO3 reading list covers 13 weeks of links. Believe me, there have been many many more. Next to TYPO3 the main topic is accessibilty, but also “normal” webdev and php topics are part of this list. TYPO3 New TYPO3 extension repository Since August 22nd the TYPO3 extension repository the major overhaul is live and available for everyone under a seperate domain Thomas Löffler, the team leader and lead developer, wrote an news article on I have to say “Thank you very much” for your ongoing work on the TER and the...

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Patch TYPO3 and Extensions using Composer

From time to time there might the requirement that a feature or a bugfix should be available prior to an official release or should be backported to a legacy version of TYPO3. If you are still not using composer, after reading this post, you might really consider doing so. But now, let’s see how it works. There are a few steps required to patch a composer package of your project. Require the module The first step is to require the module “composer-patches” written and maintained by Cameron Eagans (@cweagans). composer require cweagans/composer-patches This command updates your composer.json and .lock...

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Signals and Slots – Extend TYPO3 Functionality

Signals and slots are a possibility within TYPO3 to extend the functionality of an object. In this article I explain the theoretical basics and show you the practical details. Signal – slot basics Signals and slots is a software development pattern, where two objects communicate with each other. One object fires a signal. Any other object, which implements a slot, receives that signal and can react to it. Regarding software theory, this is an implementation of the observer pattern. For TYPO3 this is the third possibility for extending functionality besides hooks (old) and XClasses (very old). Basically three steps...

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TYPO3 DeveloperDays 2017 Live – Day 4

This is a live blog from the TYPO3 Developer Days in Malmö (Sweden). This is the page for friday, Juli 14th 2017. If you like the live blog, please do not hesitate to share the URL. Thank you! At the end of the page there are some social media links, you can use to share. Links to all days:  Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 I hope you enjoy reading. If you have feedback, just let me...

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