TYPO3 Budget Applications 2015 – Part 2

Welcome to second part of the TYPO3 budget applications overview. Before continuing, I would like to highlight three related things, that were mentioned on the comments of the prior post. Please read on …

1) It is not (all) about numbers

Michael Stucki (@stucki on Twitter) commented in the first post that the it is not solely about the plain numbers, but about what we like and what we do not like in the applications. So it is really necessary to have a closer look at these applications. All application titles in these two posts are directly linked to the forum topic where you find the description and the details.

2) Thanks to Budget Owners

While digging through the applications I asked several questions about content, goals and numbers. Others asked more questions. All of them got answered in a very pleasant and informative way. Thank you, budget owners, very much for your time and patience!

3) RSS – Feed to follow discussions

Since each application resides on an own topic in the forum it is quite hard to follow the discussion just by using the web. But it is possible to follow the discussion by RSS feed. You find the link at the bottom of the overview page.

TYPO3 Teams continued

In the last post I missed two teams: TYPO3 CMS Team. They apply for round about 135.000 €. I asked about the UX code sprints and how they fit together with the T3UXW budget. Joey Hasenau answered that the T3UXW is more about ideas and concepts. The UX code sprints are about realizing these ideas. Active contributors will attend the T3UXW too in order to connect both.

The second application, I missed was the NEOS CodeSprints and QA application, which I consider tightly related to the NEOS team. They apply for 76,520.00 Euros.  I addressed the part of workpackages in a question, because coding should not be payed by the T3A. The question is still open.

Initiatives – Community

In this topic I’ll sum up all those application that try to grow and foster the TYPO3 community.

I put T3UXW in this section, because I do not know a better place. It is about enhancing the usability of TYPO3 CMS. It is about bringing new ideas and concepts to the UX of CMS. On the other hand it is quite tightly connected to the extensions “gridelements” in  the next section.

T3Rookies is a great initiative to get younger people in touch with TYPO3 … community wise and code wise. Please have a look at t3rookies.net for more details.

The Community Working Group can be very valuable for out community in regards of communication and diversity, but that they feel not bound to any milestones, is quite hard to accept. The minimum commitment should be a regular (bi-) monthly report of activities.

Initiatives – Code and Docs

In this section I’d like to highlight to applications: The Google Summer of Code (AKA GSoC) and the bug bounty program.

The GSoC brings the TYPO3 project in general forward, as we could see the last year with the Core-API. On the other hand it raises the visibility for TYPO3 in the americas. So let’s go for it and enable the mentors to do their job.

The name of a Bug Bounty Program is well known  from other projects and companies. This application will implement a procedure how the bounties will be payed and includes already some amount of money that can be donated.

Initiatives – Extensions & Tools

Here all applications are mentioned that have certain extension or tools in their focus. First of all there are the competitors “Gridelements” and “Fluid TYPO3“. Please have a close look, not only on the applications, but also to their vision of the future of TYPO3 CMS.

Another topic in this section are the proposed distributions. There are three of them for different kinds of industries. But I doubt that there should be a medical, craftmen or lawyer package similar to the government package. I really like the idea of TYPO3 Distributions, but we should find other ways to finance them other than the TYPO3 Association.

Next Steps

As already stated at the beginning of the article, please start a lively discussions about the different topics in the forum on forge.typo3.org. Please ask there any question you like. The budget owners will answer them in a really nice way.

If you are a TYPO3 Asscociation member, you will be able to vote about each application. [ At the time of writing (Nov. 2nd)  I do not know about a possibility to vote. So this seem to be delayed. I will keep you updated.] In the last week of november there will be a meeting of the EAB to negotiate the budgets, based on the T3A member poll. Afterwards the granted budgets will be commuincated to the budget owners, so that they can start their work in January 2015.


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