YATB – Yet Another TYPO3 Blog

Yes, I am starting a YATB – “Yet Another TYPO3 Blog” and hope that I will be able to provide you nice and valuable insights into the TYPO3 community and TYPO3 products. In this very first article I will show you my goals and answer some questions around my motivation.

Nice that you found this quite new blog. Please feel very welcome!

My overall goal is to provide a (bigger?) picture of the TYPO3 community, its products and its tools … stuff, that is not visible …maybe :

  • jewels found on TYPO3 websites like wiki.typo3.org
  • spotlights from events like TYPO3 DeveloperDays, conferences and camps or the cmsgarden
  • useful TYPO3 extension or concepts
  • teams and intiatives that drive the TYPO3 community
  • … and much more

If you have ideas or questions, please let me know. On the page “Howto Contribute” you find more details.

So let’s go into the future and look out for fun and satisfaction!



Here are some additional questions you might ask:

Why do you start “YATB” and did not ask existing blogs?

The last weeks some topics popped up in my mind that I’d like to share and discuss. Most blogs I know are linked to a company or mostly in german. I want to avoid both. So I decided to do it on my own.

Why do you write in english?

Despite having the biggest marketshare in the D-A-CH region (Germany / Austria / Switzerland) it was never meant as a german (only) project. I am writing this blog in english because I’d like to overcome what some (many?) people feel as a “german lock-in” (AKA prison).

Why do you use “typo3worx.eu” as the domain?

  1. The “worx” part implies “TYPO3 works”.
  2. The “worx” part implies “This blog works for TYPO3”
  3. The “.eu” part expresses the intended international audiance
  4. I had the domain laying around for some years and I did not use it (until now)
  5. and last but not least … it has TYPO3 in its name

Why are you using WordPress instead of TYPO3?

A couple of years ago I startet a blog with TYPO3 under the domain “typo3worx.de”. My goal was to transform my normal homepage “www.schwemer.de” to a blog and continue from there. But this had two backdraws in the end:

  1. The design is not responsive. Since I expect that most of you are reading blog on mobile devices. So this is crucial. And the effort is not worth it.
  2. All (very old) content is german and it does not make sense to translate it to english ..  OK, I’ll let it sleep

So I decided to use WordPress, because there are many free (or low cost) themes available that allow me to set up the site quickly. BTW: TYPO3 CMS distributions have the potential to top this because of all the features and benefits it has.





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