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Get in touch with TYPO3 companions

As (probably) any other open source community the TYPO3 community is distributed around the world. In order not to get lost in the digital universe, all community members should stay in contact. This should be not only by digital means, but also afk (away from keyboard). Here is an overview, how can get or stay in contact with each other.

TYPO3 Usergroups

TYPO3 usergroups are (in most cases) regular held meetups where you can meet local fellows. On you find a list of current usergroups here. with 27 groups worldwide and 20 user groups in Germany. Many of them have a mailing list and a forum group.

If there is no group in your region, please do not hesitate and reach out to meet with others in your city. To get in contact with other local TYPO3 fellows, you can use social media, slack, irc and mailings lists / newsgroups.

TYPO3 Camps

TYPO3 Camps are gatherings that are held in barcamp style, where people meet to share knowledge around TYPO3 and related technologies and projects. The camps are located mostly in europe. As of the time of writing seven camps already fixed their dates for 2016. As far as I know there will be some more. I try to keep the calendar on this blog up to date.


The T3BOARD is a special event: Sports like snowboarding and skiing all day long. In the evening there is coding and hacking, socializing and party. In 2016 there are for the first time two T3BOARDs: One in Whistler Mountain (CA) and one in Zillertal (Austria). Both events have still some places left. The official main website for this year is

TYPO3 Conference T3CON

The official events organized by the TYPO3 Association are the TYPO3 Conference (T3CON) and the TYPO3 Developer Days (T3DD).

The T3CON is a more business oriented event and was already held in three continents. This years T3CON will be held in Munich (Germany) on October 26th and 27th. Visit the website for more information: The website is still presenting the last conference, but will be updated soon.

TYPO3 Developer Days T3DD

The T3DD is a developer focused event. As last year the event will be held in the castle of Nuremburg (Germany), a very beautiful location. As with the T3CON, the website is not ready yet, but will be (if the naming scheme stays the same as the last years).


Certain topics in TYPO3 are pushed forward by teams. These teams meet one or more times a year to bring their issue forward by meeting face to face. Examples are the marketing team, the education team, the server team or the certification team. These make it possible to contribute to TYPO3 even if you are not a coder. In a later article I will list the teams, their focus and the dates of their sprints.


Slack is getting more and more the central medium for (near)-realtime text-based communication … most people will call it a chat. The main difference to the classic IRC that there are many channels which focus on a certain topic. It is available for all platforms and mobile devices.

If you need an account, got to Filling out this form will give you instant access to the TYPO3 team on slack. The team itsself is located on But you can use any slack client available at

Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

An alternative to then good old Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is still alive. On there is a channel “#typo3“ where usually some folks are hanging around. But be aware, that there is much more activity via the team on slack.

Official TYPO3 lists and forums

Until a couple of years ago most communication happened through mailinglists and newsgroups. These are still a good resource for getting help, if you do not need an instant reaction. This is specially true for groups like „typo3.german“ and „typo3.english“. Other groups experience a much lower traffic.

The lists of mailing lists is available via . If you prefer to read the messages as news, just use the news:// protocol and connect to with your favorite news client.

All lists are bi-directional connected to . So if you post a message on a mailinglist / newsgroup, it is forwarded to the forum server and the otherway round.

Other forums

There are not only the official forums, but also some privately run forums. These are mostly language specific: (german) (german) (french)

Social Media and networks

Last but not least, there are the usual social media channels, like Twitter, Google+ and Facebook.

On Twitter use the hashtag „#TYPO3“. Many TYPO3 enthusiasts are on Twitter and have an open ear for your questions. On Google+ there is a TYPO3 community  with over 1800 members. On Facebook some usergroups have their homepage.

If you are more business oriented XING (mostly german) and LinkedIn maybe of help. On XING there is a TYPO3 Group:  On LinkedIn there are two groups: one for TYPO3 users and one for TYPO3 developers.

You see there are plenty of occasions and channels to get in contact personally with other TYPO3 users and developers. I promise, that the community is friendly and open to new community members. You are really welcome and now it’s up to you … Get in touch!

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