TYPO3 Budget Applications 2015 – Part 1

Last week, on Oct. 22nd, the applications for the 2015 budget were published on forge.typo3.org. In this article you find a grouped list of the budget applications together with some comments.

If you want to have a very quick impression of the application title, their owner and the amount, the spreadsheet of Matthias Schreiber gives i very good impression of the budget including some nice charts.

So let’s start with the first group!

T3A “Core” Budgets

This is about running the TYPO3 Association itself. These are needed just to fulfill the purpose of the T3A, AKA “the administrative costs”. In my opinion they sound all very reasonable. The overvall budget applied for in this section is 169.555 €.

T3A – Broader Goals

Applications, covering costs that belong to the tasks of the T3A in strengthening the community and the brand are summed up here. The amount applied for this section is 283.300 €.

For Marketing and Community Management please read the questions and answers on forge. At the writing of this article there are some important questions open. ( Remark: If there are answers or more information, I will update it right here.)


TYPO3 Event Budgets

These applications cover usually the official TYPO3 events like the TYPO3 Developer Days, TYPO3 Conferences, T3BOARD and (this year) some more. The submitted application for the official events are

In order to promote TYPO3 further more, Volker Graubaum came up with the idea of a T3AWARD. This should be an award that covers multiple categories that are connected to TYPO3. The T3AWARD should be presented at the T3CON.

The next two applications share a quite similar goal: Connecting the whole TYPO3 community more closely. Both see the TYPO3 General Assembly as their favorite date. That’s why I mention them in this context (even if they are not official). Stefan Busemann would like to invite all teams to work closely together in these days. Ben van’t Ende would like to see several code sprints at one place right befor the General Assembly as a replacement for the “Community Day” at the T3CON.

Two other applications in this context are about organizing events: the event committee and an event manager. The application for the event manager existed already last year, but this time the contract details changed.

In this section I miss applications for an T3CON in USA oder Asia for example. Will there be events Another event is the T3EE in Romania, where questions arise, since “T3” should only be used for official TYPO3 events, as far as I know.

TYPO3 Teams

In regard to support the official TYPO3 teams, some fellows have applied for the following teams:

To be honest, I do not know the state of the media team, if  it is official or not, because it is quite young. But due to their focus in delivering the “official” videos, I expeect them to become an official team.

At this point I am missing applications of the marketing team as such. I see that there are some applications that cover the topic besides the marketing of the T3A, but none of them has the marker “Marketing Team”. Those will be covered in a section in the next article.


In this article I covered the applications of official bodies and teams of the TYPO3 Association. The next post will cover all the other manyfold initiatives.

If you have any questions regarding this post, please leave your comment here. If you have certain questions regarding an application, please ask it on forge.typo3.org because there, it is much more likely that the budget owners will read and answer it.



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  1. Michael Stucki

    Hi Marcus,

    thanks a lot for publishing this summary and taking the time to read closely through all the budget applications. I really like the discussion about all these interesting projects.

    One thing I’d like to mention is that looking only at the numbers can be a bit misleading. I always recommend to have a closer look at the ideas proposed in these applications. Maybe there are things in an application which you like, and things which you don’t like. The EAB may also grant a budget application just partially, that will depend also on the ongoing discussion and the result of the member poll…

    You are right about the Marketing budget which is still missing. I’ve been waiting for a more detailed version before publishing it, however I’m now going to publish the current version as is.

    Greetings, Michael (EAB Member)

    PS: You can stay on top of the discussion by subscribing to the forum Atom feed. Have a look at bottom of the forum page…

    1. Marcus Schwemer

      Hi Michael,

      thanks for your feedback and the hint about the atom feed.

      You are right reducing the applications to numbers is misleading. This is why every mentioned application is linked to it’s topic on the forum. (The should be more visible than they are now).


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